Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Vagaries of Fate

Time and fate are cruel masters. So then, if possible, we should turn against them and strike back against what is unfair and what is unjust. That my career should end so abruptly, while I was still so young, is wrong. Nearly 40 years have passed, the hope that I would ever rekindle a career is absurd. My name, my films, are not even known by the youth of today. They will squander their time in the spotlight, and then, they too, will decay as I have.

The difference, however, is that they will not do anything about it, but I will. I have been looking for a solution to this dilemma now for a great many years. Since my fall from fame, it has been my sole ambition. The pieces are elusive, and yet I will draw them out and stitch them together. My quest as easy as plucking the feathers from a bird, an elementary task so long as you have the resolve.

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