Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Path Ahead

I am not entirely sure why I have neglected this space for so long. My research has been consuming, and perhaps I have found more solace and connection to pen and paper than to the cold white light of my computer screen. Nevertheless, I now have a presence on Twitter, and I am finding some new connections with fans of modern horror who have never heard of me or of my films.

These connections are a small but present motivation to continue my work. Much of the research that I have pursued has come slowly, but inexorably, to a close. The raging streams that I had once eagerly followed are dry now, and I am at a loss as to which path to follow next. Perhaps it will come to me as I scour my books and, increasingly, the internet. However the scant few answers that I have found seem to be too far in the future, and nothing from history has served me.

I have discovered in the past that these times are precisely when you must continue to forge ahead, with great strength and resolve of purpose. Tonight I will revisit, methodically, the path that brought me to where I stand today. Perhaps there was a clarity of purpose in these early years that will shed some light, now that I look at it with the filter of experience.


  1. Thank you for the shout out! Your work is honestly amazing and I can not believe how you could have been replaced so easily. However, I am curious, what is this path you are revisiting?

  2. I've been thinking about our collaboration and have done some preliminary research. Great strides are being made in the field of regenerative medicine. Scientists are growing entire human organs in labs as we speak! Imagine the possibilities!

  3. Ms. Crane, I was overjoyed to find this blog. I can not tell you how much your films have meant to me. I long for the day when all of them are available on DVD.

    Perhaps this will be of some use to you:


  4. Indeed, I have imagined the possibilities. There is no doubt that someday, men and women will live indefinitely and permanently youthful. These platitudes and promises do not address my situation, however. Nor, in your own time, the slow decay that we all face. These are dreams that the unborn will realize, long after we have all passed to dust.

    Thank you for the article, Jett. It is an interesting study. Perhaps it is a shortcoming of mine to always presume that the answer lies within human and animal life, rather than in organisms that are alien to the human soul.

    To each of you, I want you to know how much this renewed interest in my work is heartening and deeply appreciated. I am also pleased to see that your interest extends beyond my life as a star, and look forward to continuing that relationship further.