Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Welcome to my journal

My name is Evelyn Crane. No doubt you have heard my name. I was a star, once. My repertoire included such film classics as the Skeleton of Wolf Manor, Murder on the Edge of Night, and It Came from Beneath. In my time, I starred in over 75 pictures, playing across theaters nationwide. I was magnificent.

This online journal is now a catalog of my current projects. These ventures are a far cry from the ones of my past. These new endeavors have the capacity to change the world. You will understand in the coming months, but for now let me say that I am in pursuit of that which all men secretly want, and what they would do anything to obtain.


  1. Oh my gawd. Loved your films. XD What's your next one going to be? *squee* So excited!

  2. While it is always nice to speak to a fan of mine, I regret to inform you that I have no plans to return to the limelight. I'm afraid after the way I left things, the industry would be loath to hire me, even if it was one of my wishes.

  3. The industry has never shown a propensity to understand artistic temperament. So many of the details of your retirement are tainted by their PR. However your loyal fans would still appreciate your memories of your departure.